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Archetype from the Chiquero
Archetype from the Chiquero
oil on canvas
16 x 20 inches

I think about painting most of the time, so that I no longer know how to distinguish it from the memory of it. This is the ideal dilemma. It unravels in my subconscious, but any attempt to prop it up must be reconciled in my imagination. This allows something inevitable to occur, though the forces, weights, and predicaments painting revels my personal unpredictable mystery.
In Archetype from the Chiquero, the image of the pig appears with a snake in its mouth. Though it can be imagined as a conqueror in the natural struggle of the survival of good over evil, or the self-indulgent that singles out the insignificant to impose its will, I propose a third view that need not be antagonistic or dialectically opposed. It is one derived from memory. I raised a pet pig as a child. I remember going into its chiquero (pigsty), using it as a pillow while taking naps in the summer. The pig was fattened up, as I dreamed of today. It was eventually sold at market.

Collection of David Ansell and Bennie Flores Ansell, Houston, Texas